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The Mirror Crack'd Side by Side

mirror crackd 1980/kim novak tony curtis scene mirror crack d 1980

Today we have added a selection of images from The Mirror Crack’d (1980) to our galleries. The film was the third adaptation of an Agatha Christie’s novel from producers John Brabourne and Richard B. Goodwin after Murder on the Orient Express (1974), Death On the Nile (1978) and it would have been followed in 1982 by Evil Under The Sun. All films were distributed by EMI Films. The film confirmed the formula of assembling a stellar cast of classic Hollywood stars with enough draw for audiences, but possibly past their peak contractual power. As a curiosity it is a toss-up between this film and The Long Good Friday to the title of future 007 Pierce Brosnan’s big screen debut, in a small uncredited role. Angela Lansbury takes on the role of Miss Marple and given the actress long standing association with the character of Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote it has been often said that the producers of the TV series based their protagonist on Christie’s amateur sleuth. However, Richard Levinson and William Link (also producers of Columbo) thought up Jessica Fletcher as a reversion of the main character of the shortlived series Ellery Queen: still a published author, but a middle-aged widow instead of a young, male bachelor. The film was one of the last feature film roles for Rock Hudson, 2015 features two anniversaries for the actor famous primarily for his comedies with Doris Day: 90 years since his birth and 30 years since his death.