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David Essex as Jimmy MacLaine in Ray Connolly's rock 'n roll film

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thatll day 1973/uk sheet release thatll day 1973
UK one sheet for the release of That'll Be The Day in 1973
#media dmcs-14428481
thatll day 1973/karl howman david essex
Karl Howman and David Essex
#media dmcs-14428690
thatll day 1973/david essex reads nme
David Essex reads the NME
#media dmcs-14428677
thatll day 1973/david essex smiling cigarette hand
David Essex smiling and with cigarette in his hand
#media dmcs-14428705
thatll day 1973/keith moon make
Keith Moon during make up
#media dmcs-14428719
thatll day 1973/deborah watling sandra
Deborah Watling as Sandra
#media dmcs-14428713
thatll day 1973/smiling david essex set thatll day
A smiling David Essex on the set of That'll Be The Day
#media dmcs-14428707
thatll day 1973/karl howman
Karl Howman
#media dmcs-14428691
thatll day 1973/verna harvey david essex
Verna Harvey and David Essex
#media dmcs-14428683
thatll day 1973/david essex beth morris thatll day 1973
David Essex and Beth Morris in That'll Be The Day (1973)
#media dmcs-14428661
thatll day 1973/david essex billy fury
David Essex and Billy Fury
#media dmcs-14428589
thatll day 1973/set thatll day
On the set of That'll be the day
#media dmcs-14428721
thatll day 1973/claude whatam filming
Claude Whatam during filming
#media dmcs-14428717
thatll day 1973/claude whatam david puttnam
Claude Whatam and David Puttnam
#media dmcs-14428715
thatll day 1973/ringo starr thatll day
Ringo Starr in That'll be the Day
#media dmcs-14428711
thatll day 1973/rosalind ayres smiles set thatll day
Rosalind Ayres smiles on the set of That'll Be The Day
#media dmcs-14428709
thatll day 1973/david essex guitar
David Essex with guitar
#media dmcs-14428703
thatll day 1973/rosalind ayres rosemary leach
Rosalind Ayres and Rosemary Leach
#media dmcs-14428701
thatll day 1973/pensive david essex
A pensive David Essex
#media dmcs-14428697
thatll day 1973/scene thatll day
A scene from That'll Be The Day
#media dmcs-14428681
thatll day 1973/jeanette maclaines household
Jeanette in the Maclaine's household
#media dmcs-14428675
thatll day 1973/mrs maclaine son wedding
Mrs. Maclaine at his son wedding
#media dmcs-14428673
thatll day 1973/robert lindsay terry
Robert Lindsay as Terry
#media dmcs-14428671
thatll day 1973/jeanette wedding day
Jeanette on her wedding day
#media dmcs-14428669
thatll day 1973/group photo jim maclaines wedding day
Group photo on Jim MacLaine's wedding day
#media dmcs-14428667
thatll day 1973/jim jeanette cut wedding cake
Jim and Jeanette cut the wedding cake
#media dmcs-14428665
thatll day 1973/rosalind ayres robert lindsay
Rosalind Ayres and Robert Lindsay
#media dmcs-14428663
thatll day 1973/jim jean bar car
Jim and Jean in the bar of a car
#media dmcs-14428659
thatll day 1973/jim jeanette cinema
Jim and Jeanette at the cinema
#media dmcs-14428655
thatll day 1973/jim maclaine practices singing bedroom
Jim Maclaine practices singing in his bedroom
#media dmcs-14428653
thatll day 1973/jim jeanette grass
Jim and Jeanette on the grass
#media dmcs-14428649
thatll day 1973/rosalind ayres david essex
Rosalind Ayres and David Essex
#media dmcs-14428646
thatll day 1973/jim jeanette skating
Jim and Jeanette skating
#media dmcs-14428644
thatll day 1973/david essex rosemary leach background
David Essex with Rosemary Leach in the background
#media dmcs-14428640
thatll day 1973/robert lindsay thatll day
Robert Lindsay in That'll Be The Day
#media dmcs-14428638
thatll day 1973/jim maclaine looks students dance
Jim MacLaine looks on a students' dance
#media dmcs-14428637
thatll day 1973/jim maclaine chatting girls party
Jim Maclaine chatting up two girls at a party
#media dmcs-14428633
thatll day 1973/jim maclaine chequered jacket
Jim MacLaine in a chequered jacket
#media dmcs-14428631
thatll day 1973/david essex robert lindsay
David Essex and Robert Lindsay
#media dmcs-14428629
thatll day 1973/jim maclaine funfair
Jim MacLaine at the funfair
#media dmcs-14428627
thatll day 1973/funfair
At the funfair
#media dmcs-14428625
thatll day 1973/mike takes beating
Mike takes a beating
#media dmcs-14428621
thatll day 1973/jim maclaine pool table
Jim MacLaine at the pool table
#media dmcs-14428619
thatll day 1973/mike jim play pool
Mike and Jim play pool
#media dmcs-14428617
thatll day 1973/jim smoking cigarette bed
Jim smoking a cigarette in bed
#media dmcs-14428615
thatll day 1973/jim maclaine work dodgem
Jim MacLaine at work with the dodgem
#media dmcs-14428611
thatll day 1973/scene set funfair thatll day 1973
A scene set at the funfair in 'That'll Be The Day' (1973)
#media dmcs-14428605
thatll day 1973/jim maclaine hands soft toy funfair
Jim MacLaine hands a soft toy at the funfair
#media dmcs-14428603
thatll day 1973/mike jim dodgem
Mike and Jim on the dodgem
#media dmcs-14428601


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